Are you building a new home that’s airtight with lots of insulation? Then you need a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system to ensure clean, fresh, warm air circulation.
Mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery (MVHR) remove foul and humid air from kitchen's, bathroom's and toilet's. The same volume of clean, preheated air is supplied to bedrooms and living rooms. Since the energy of the extracted air is transferred to the fresh, cool outdoor air, 95% of the heat is retained. That means no waste of energy. The filtered and, consequently, cleaner air increases the comfort for the occupants.

Brink Mechanical Ventilation wit Heat Recovery

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Renovent Excellent

Effective ventilation contributes to living comfort and health. Users are putting ever higher demands upon good ventilation possibilities in all seasons. In addition, government requirements with regard to energy efficiency and installation noise are getting stricter all the time. Brink ­Climate Systems responds to that with the introduction of the Renovent Excellent Series. 

These heat recovery ventilation appliances are not only fully geared for present-day ventilation requirements, but also for those of the future.

The existing Renovent Excellent 400 has now been joined by the Renovent Excellent 300 and the Renovent Excellent 180, resulting in a Renovent Excellent series. The Renovent Excellent 400, 300 and 180 are distinguished by their capacities (400, 300 and 180 m3/h at 150 Pa respectively). 

A special property of the latest Excellent versions is that their fans run slower, making them a lot quieter than their predecessors. The heat exchanger and the lower internal resistance also contribute to the silent operation of the Renovent Excellent. 

Lower auxiliary energy consumption
Additional advantage of the noise reduction measures is that these also reduce the auxiliary energy consumption. With the Renovent Excellent series, Brink Climate Systems succeeded in introducing appliances that now already comply with the future European energy requirement of 900 J/m3. The auxiliary energy consumption has been reduced by roughly 40%. Today you already benefit from a further EPB reduction.

The appliances of the Renovent Excellent series are available in a left-handed and right-handed version with 4 connections at the top. The Renovent 300 is also available with 2 top and 2 bottom connections and in a version with 3 connections at the top and 1 at the bottom. In addition to the comprehensive standard version, the Renovent Excellent is also available as ‘Plus’ version'. The latter has extra options for connecting CO2 sensors. These sensors ensure that a certain space - for instance with many people - is temporarily ventilated more intensely than other spaces.

Enthalpy exchanger available as accessory
An enthalpy exchanger is optionally available for the Renovent Excellent 400 and 300. Such a heat exchanger transfers part of the moisture discharged from the dwelling to the air that is supplied to the dwelling.

Advantages Renovent Excellent
• Complete with bypass (bypass functionality for Renovent Excellent 180 Plus)
• High ventilation capacity of 400, 300 and 180 m3/h respectively
• Silent
• Further reduced auxiliary energy consumption
• Higher EPB reduction
• Option: 2-zone demand control based on time or CO2
• Built in Pre-heater
• Programmable 7 day controller
• Humidity Sensor 
• Constant flow

Renovent Sky

The high-efficiency appliance for ceiling mounting, Renovent Sky, comes in the versions Renovent Sky 300 and Renovent Sky 150. Designed on the basis of Renovent Excellent technology, these appliances are real trendsetters in the field of low auxiliary energy consumption, low noise production and range of applications.

By now everybody will be familiar with the advantages of heat recovery ventilation: maximum ventilation at minimum energy losses and high comfort level without draughts. Brink Climate Systems also listened closely to the wishes of users and professional market parties. The sound level and auxiliary energy consumption have been reduced further.

Renovent Sky 300 and 150

The Renovent Sky 300 has a maximum ventilation capacity of 300 m3/h and features a standard 100% bypass for warmer outdoor conditions when heat recovery is not desired. This type is excellently suited for ceiling mounting. 

In addition to the Renovent Sky 300, we now also introduce the Renovent Sky 150. This appliance is unique for its minimal dimensions. This smaller sister caters for the specific demand for even smaller spaces. With its maximum ventilation capacity of 150 m3/h and a height of no more than 210 mm, the Renovent Sky 150 is excellently suited for smaller dwellings such as senior citizens apartments and student accommodation. 

Major selling point: this appliance sets new energy standards. Compared to similar appliances for ceiling mounting, the Renovent Sky 150 uses a lot less energy. In addition to the comprehensive standard version, the Renovent Sky is also available as ‘Plus’ version. It has additional connection options for instance for a CO2 or humidity sensor.

Constant flow control
Application of constant flow control guarantees the preset air flow rates independent of the resistance in the ducts system. The constant flow principle simplifies tuning and that saves installation costs.

Mounted on the ceiling, the Renovent Sky appliance occupies no space in the room where it is installed. That makes it excellently suited for installation in smaller dwellings with insufficient room for a wall-mounted appliance. Its low height of only 310 mm allows easy installation above a suspended ceiling. With the supplied brackets, the appliance is also easily mounted on a wall. Moreover, the appliance is suitable for residential as well as small non-residential applications. The appliance comes as standard with time switch control unit. 

Enthalpy exchanger available as accessory
An enthalpy exchanger is optionally available for the Renovent Sky 300. Such a heat exchanger transfers part of the moisture discharged from the dwelling to the air that is supplied to the dwelling. 

Benefits Renovent Sky
• High ventilation capacity of 400, 300 and 150 m3/h respectively
• Low noise
• Further reduced auxiliary energy consumption
• Higher EPB reduction
• Standard 100% bypass
• Intelligent frost protection
• Communication through the E bus system
• Supplied inclusive of time switch control unit
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