Heat recovery systems operate by recovering the energy that would normally be lost through open windows, wall vents etc. Whole House Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV or MHRV) is perhaps the easiest way to satisfy the requirements of the latest building regulations. A duct system is run from every room in the house to one point where the HRV machine operates silently and efficiently.
With a breakdown rate of less than 0.5% Brink Heat Recovery Systems are probably the most reliable heat recovery system in Ireland, guaranteeing peace of mind.
Should you encounter any problem with a Brink system our Service team will be happy to assist.
Remember: The filters in your heat recovery ventilation system need to be checked every three months and replaced annually.
Standard G3 filters or F6 pollen filters for asthmatic hay fever sufferers available. New carbon filter available – great for removing external odours like slurry, etc.
Please contact our Sales Office to purchase your replacement filters. We can also provide advice and assistance for filter replacement, simply ask our sales team.
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