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Archers Renewables provide a direct selling facility specifically orientated towards DIY customers.  Our process is simple and easy to follow.

  1. Send us a set of drawings from which we will do up a specification and bill of materials.
  2. Attend a half day DIY installation training course at our training centre in Banagher.  This will show you the correct way to install the system,  locate the valves, make airtight joints and maintain the system.  The cost of this training is €200 + VAT.  DIY training is done with between 4 – 6 people and takes place twice a month.
  3. Carry out a site survey inspection with one of our design people and mark out location of unit and primary exhaust and supply opes.  Go through duct layout and grille location in each room.  The cost for this service is €150 + VAT.
  4. Balancing and commissioning will be carried out on site by Archers Renewables using a calibrated anemometer to measure airflows to ensure the system complies to building regulations.  A commissioning certificate is given to the customer and a copy put on file and registered for the warranty of the unit.  The cost of the commissioning is €250 + VAT.

If you are interested in getting a quotation for a DIY install kit please send your enquiry directly into info@brinkhrv.com.  Please attach any drawings or give as much detail as possible and leave a contact phone number with best time to call.

By using the Archers Renewables DIY service you ensure getting the right specification, full support throughout the project, on site commissioning and free warranty upgrade.  All this at the best possible price.

Alternatively, If you have already fitted MVHR systems and you just want to purchase product this can be done directly with Archers Renewables.  The Archers Renewables DIY service is aimed at the DIY enthusiast with no previous MVHR or HVAC installation experience.

To book a DIY installation day please contact the office for availability.



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